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Doubts about what is normal in health issues that covers all branches of medicine: ALLERGOLOGY ANESTHESIOLOGY ANGIOLOGY BARIATRY CARDIOLOGY GENERAL SURGERY MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY PLASTIC SURGERY PLASTIC SURGERY DERMATOLOGY ENDOCRINOLOGY ENDOSCOPY PHYSIATRY GASTROENTEROLOGY GERIATRICS GYNECOLOGY HEMATOLOGY HOMEOPATHY INFECTOLOGY IMMUNOLOGY SPORTS MEDICINE WORK MEDICINE FORENSIC MEDICINE NUCLEAR MEDICINE MICROSURGERY NEFROLOGIA NEONATOLOGY PNEUMOLOGY NEUROLOGY NUTRITION OBSTETRICS OPHTHALMOLOGY ONCOLOGY ORTHOPEDICS OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY PEDIATRICS PATHOLOGY PERINATOLOGY PROCTOLOGY RADIOLOGY RHEUMATOLOGY TRAUMATOLOGY UROLOGY . Everything you want to know if your health is normal or not. The body sends signals that alert us that something can go wrong with our health, so it is necessary that you are attentive to these signals to see if they are normal behavior of the organic system or may be presenting some symptom that later leads to something greater, For this reason we have designed this category in which you can know that it is normal and that it is not so that you take corrective action in time.

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